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Coffee is not JUST a beverage. 

Millions of pounds and dollars and all other currencies are invested each year in cafes, each one more unique and artisan then the other, each one promising luxury, comfort, indulgence, relaxation. 

But, how much money and time and energy is actually devoted to the quality of the coffee and the quality of the barista’s skills? I find in my work as a barista trainer, that often I walk into premises so impressive and amazing but the let-down is the very thing all that money has been spent on. The coffee.  The process, the craft, the skill of producing that perfect cup of coffee.

Coffee is an art. It is a skill. It is a craft. It is a passion. It is my passion. And as a coffee coach I have invested years of experience in this field to refine and hone my skills, my craft to train others to produce the ultimate speciality coffee. This is what I bring to you. I want to teach you, train you, but most of all I want to inspire you to make the best coffee possible.

I am SCA accredited barista trainer and authorised and travel all around the UK and worldwide delivering training and inspiring change (see projects) through the art of coffee.

Welcome to my page. Have a look, a browse and contact me to have an informal chat about how I can help you on your journey.

Warmly,Your Coffee Coach

Andreas  Constantinou ( SCA accredited)

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