Well, it has finally happened. I have a web site. It may seem trivial to most of you tech savvy folk out there, but to me it’s a big deal.

For all who know me (and for all you new friends) I have not exactly embraced the digital age very well. I am very much your practical guy. I like to look at the person I am talking to, I like to do ‘business’ ironically over a cup of good coffee (throw in some good food and I am your friend for life) I love the interaction, the hand gestures (I am Greek after all!), the different tones and varied volume in voices, I am hands on fully present.

And I guess that’s why i love what I do, because I am there, not virtually but physically, next to my clients, with them ,alongside them, talking, demonstrating, observing, correcting, inspiring, being inspired, smelling, tasting, absorbing all that encompasses coffee training. Because what I do is about the WHOLE experience. It is a holistic experience if you like, it encompasses every aspect of the person, mind, body and spirit, oh yes it does. Coffee training is a sensory experience and a fully interactive one. All your senses are awakened during the process and it takes skill, focus, creativity, discipline, passion, calm but on fire at the same time, producing something so excellent, delicious, perfect.

How do you go from that to the digital world? I am trying. I am still your hands on coffee coach but little by little embracing the new, the different, the virtual, the ‘out there’ and thus I am able to reach more of you lovely passionate people. So welcome to my web site, I hope to be meeting you face to face soon.

Stin igia mas (to our health, is what we say when we sip our coffee together)