Sam Rowan


I have been trained by Andreas. His attention to detail and knowledge of coffee is incredible. As well as being a very warm character, he is someone you want to learn from. As a result of my training I am much more confident in my job as a barista. I have been able to produce better quality drinks and understand why certain processes are essential for producing great coffee. If you have a passion for producing great coffee then I recommend this training. Sam Rowan Community soul cafe.



A. Stafford

"I have worked in four different coffee shops. In none of them has the level of training been so professional or comprehensive as it was in the couple of training sessions I had with Andreas. I hadn't even realised most of the things I'd been doing wrong... now I notice those same mistakes being made in almost every coffee shop I walk into! These skills are so important if you really care about coffee quality and Andreas is a brilliant mentor." A. Stafford 

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Hara Venizelea


I really enjoyed my barista course because the trainer (Andreas Constantinou) was very well informed about every area of our subject (coffee), every detail of the machines and the correct method of making excellent coffee. He answered each of our questions with accuracy and explained the reason behind each and every action. Now I not only know how to make coffee correctly (can you say espresso, macchiato, latte, flat white…) but also how to enjoy a well-made coffee! It was a very lovely experience and Andreas was polite, attentive, gave us lots of initiative and was fully accepting of us regardless of our background. Hara Venizelea



Christos Koufos

''Pixida is a community centre in the area of Kipselli (Athens), which was set up and is run with the support of the first Evangelical church, Athens. The aim of Pixida is to give opportunities to people to be trained, rehabilitated without any restrictions or barriers due to age, sex, nationality or religion. The barista training courses are continuing for the second six month period under the auspices of SCA (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) and being delivered by their authorised trainer Andreas Constantinou with huge success. To date we have completed six complete barista courses. We would like to thank Andreas Constantinou for his support and help.'' Christos Koufos